The Best European Car Manufacturers


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The Best European Car Manufacturers

The automobile industry has witnessed players from all over the world. Every single company in this regard is known to bring about something different, and credit needs to go where it is due. Through time, some of them have toppled the rest in terms of technology, innovation, engineering and a lot more. This brings us to the Europeans since they are clearly among the top in the field of automobiles. The type of brands that have been associated with the same tends to make matters unique, and customers are always in for a surprise. So, to take things further, here are some of the best European car manufacturers.


Established in 1901, Mercedes-Benz is the first-ever manufacturer to make an automobile. The credit for the same needs to go out to Karl Friedrich Benz for igniting and starting the fire. Today the brand is well known for producing luxurious cars that come defying all odds of technology. They tend to make it on all lists and continue to pull out a massive crowd with every single release. Well, one shouldn’t be surprised since their logo stands for domination of land, air and sea. Hence, that summons up everything.


Began in 1931, this German car manufacturer has come a long way, and their cars are a testament to that very fact. Worth millions of dollars, their vehicles are on par with some of the top brands, and they continue to dominate and take matters further. With the launch of the 911 Carrera RS and 986 Boxster, Porsche has really proved matters to the world. Their load of success has also created a unique brand name that stands tall on all grounds. From endorsements to pop culture references, Porsche seems to be getting the large piece of the cake.



Luxurious, powerful and elite are some of the aspects that define Lamborghini. Established in 1916, Lamborghini is a name that stands close to being cool and competitive. From the 350 GTV right till the 400 GT, it is quite evident that the company is trying to change matters for the best. Thanks to the quality that they produce, it is also natural that their prices hit the roof.


If you haven’t read much upon the Maserati brothers, then you need to start doing some research immediately. Their first car was the Tipo 26, and soon after that, things kept changing in terms of both performance and management. In time, the brand went on to become a force to be reckoned with since their brand is quite popular among all markets. Hence, that summons up our list of some of the best European Manufacturers of all time.